Summer Medicinal Philosophy

Helianthus (Sunflower) — from Greek hēlios ‘sun’ + anthos ‘flower’.
  • begins to ascend the end of the first week in May, peaks in late June and is done around mid-July.
  • the associated element is Fire’. Summer is fructification. It is the peak of the generating hemisphere of the annual seasonal cycle. It is the most yang of the seasons. Life and energies are at their peak.
  • The associated organs associated with Summer are heart and small intestines.
  • the associated emotion is joy.
  • the associated time of day is Noon
  • the associated temperament is warm
  • the associated function: speech and communication.
  • the associated taste is bitter
  • associated sense organ is the tongue
  • the associated odor is scorched
  • the beneficial grain is sorghum
  • the associated human sound is laughing / singing
  • the associated color is red (as in blood)
  • the process / trajectory of this season is energy, expansiveness, movement and activity.
  • The associated food substance is mung bean (cooling)
Heart Meridian (image:
Small Intestine Meridian (



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Jeffrey Joe Miller, MA — Clinical Psychology

Jeffrey Joe Miller, MA — Clinical Psychology

Author of No Solid Ground: Renewable Contentment and Sustainable Happiness in an Age of Uncertainty.