Summer Medicinal Philosophy

In Classical Eastern medical philosophies (and to a lesser degree in Western ‘folk’ medicine), the first and peak date of each season are different from the modern Western pathologically-alienated abstraction of seasonal transition. Simply put, what the Western mind has been conditioned to think of as the first day of each season, is, in actuality, the peak (center point) of that season.

Less simple to grasp is that in these premodern / ancient systems, there are five seasons within the annual circle:

Spring, Summer, Late Summer, Autumn, Winter … with Late Summer lasting only around 6 weeks.

These five seasons correspond with:

Generation, Expansion, Degeneration, Dissolution, Dormancy

… and with:

Birth, Aging, Sickness, Dying, Death … at all levels of terrestrial existence.

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- begins to ascend the end of the first week in May, peaks in late June and is done around mid-July.

- the associated element is Fire’. Summer is fructification. It is the peak of the generating hemisphere of the annual seasonal cycle. It is the most yang of the seasons. Life and energies are at their peak.

- The associated organs associated with Summer are heart and small intestines.

- the associated emotion is joy.

  • the associated time of day is Noon

- the associated temperament is warm

  • the associated function: speech and communication.

- the associated taste is bitter

  • associated sense organ is the tongue

- the beneficial grain is sorghum

- the associated human sound is laughing / singing

  • the associated color is red (as in blood)

- the process / trajectory of this season is energy, expansiveness, movement and activity.

  • The associated food substance is mung bean (cooling)

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There are electrical pathways in the body that connect the electromagnetic fields (EMF) of each organ (the brain has at least three EMFs) and the EMF that surrounds the body. This convergence of metabolic / electrical energy interacts with the terrestrial EMF as it also responds to / fluctuates with the periodic increase / decrease of exposure to solar particles. During each of the five seasons, two of the major electrical pathways in the body ‘activate’ (for lack of a clearer English term).

I’ve attached images of these two Summer ‘meridians’. You may have noticed recently or now or maybe during the next two months, a peculiar recurring odd pain along the length of one or both of these meridians (or segments of them) and / or at one or more of the energy points along the meridian shown in the images.

In a healthy body / mind this concentrated surge of seasonal energy is absorbed / used effectively and there is no harm to body / mind. In an imbalanced unhealthy body / mind, these surges negatively affect the body / mind.

One of the two pathways that activate in Summer is associated with the heart and the other one with the small intestine. The increased concentration of electrical energy in these two organs / EMFs, and the associated electrical pathways as they are activated by the season, can result in corresponding physical, mental, emotional conditions, symptoms and / or strengths.

Its useful to ‘listen’ this way from season to season and year to year. This tells us valuable information about the health of the body / mind and specific organ health which exist at the unique effect of the ascending, peak and descending of each season throughout the year.

It also makes it utterly clear that this body / mind is not ‘our own’ … it is driven by exoterrestrial processes that we can be very aware of but that most modern people can no longer sense / comprehend and don’t want to.

Cultivating this conscious awareness that spans internal processes and external processes, and understanding them as one process / one space, clarifies the human biological organisms’ innate embeddedness in an electromagnetically interrelated metaenvironment (Earth / Sky / Sun) that is vastly larger than us, contains us and that we contain within us at all levels of this personal existence we pathologically / mistakenly perceive as a separate ‘self’.

This actuality of what we are, where we are and how we / where we are actually operates is critically important to clearly remember at a feltsense level, and as a species, if some portion of the human species is to maybe survive a collapse of civilization and the converging cataclysm that is rapidly bearing down.

The effects of the five annual seasons of Earth (and of the 26k year precessional cycle, noting that the current precessional season = Autumn / The Fall) on all life, is not a story. It is not a belief system. It is a clear reflection of actuality: what we actually are, where we actually are, and how these actually work. Zero woo woo. If you pay consistent attention, you can clearly experience / observe these effects in mind, body, society and the natural world throughout the seasonal cycle.

Live with the patterns and processes of this place we exist innately embedded in and be beneficially supported by them or live out of sync with them, be harmed by them and do harm. Up to you …

Heart Meridian:

Heart Meridian (image:
Small Intestine Meridian (



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Jeffrey Joe Miller, MA — Clinical Psychology

Jeffrey Joe Miller, MA — Clinical Psychology

Author of No Solid Ground: Renewable Contentment and Sustainable Happiness in an Age of Uncertainty.