Response to Umair Haque

“The human race has never experienced anything — anything — like what is now beginning to unfold. The single greatest cataclysm in human history.”

— Umair Haque

Research over the past four decades has clearly revealed a frequent, forecastable, near-term, scale invariant periodicity of rapid, relatively short-term geomagnetic excursions (reversals) during which the strength of the terrestrial electromagnetic field (EMF) plummets (as low as within 0–20% of normal during some past events), terrestrial operating systems dangerously unravel triggering back-to-back catastrophic weather events (double digit heat increase in 9,600 BCE comes to mind), extreme / converging volcanic / seismic activities, runaway mass extinction, human population reduction, human culture / civilization collapse and placing the last remaining iteration of human in a very real state of existential crisis over and over and over.

72,000 years ago: Gaotai excursion (corresponding with a super-volcanic explosion and a near-extinction reduction in human population)

58,000–62,000 years ago: Vostok excursion

41,000 years ago: Laschamp excursion (with a 95–100% decline of geomagnetic strength, with the largest volcanic explosion during the past 100k years, peaking in glacier maximum, and mass extinction including the Neanderthal species of ‘human’)

— 32,000–35,000 years ago: Mono Lake excursion (with a super-volcano explosion)

— 24,000 years ago: Lake Mungo excursion (with a super-volcano explosion and glacial maximum)

— 12,000–13,000 years ago: Gothenberg excursion (with massive global vulcanism, soaring temperatures, 72% of large mammal species go extinct).

There is growing evidence that there is a consistent periodicity of these short term geomagnetic reversals (excursions) in the 13k -15k year range, when factoring in a 1–2k year + / — variance and that the ramping to peak can play out over just 100–200 years to several thousand years. We are currently spang in the zone for either a full reversal or a short term ‘excursion’ reversal and there is plenty of reason to think that it is already happening:

— the strength of the terrestrial EMF is now rapidly declining (5% per century in the 1600s to the current 5% per decade and accelerating)

— the geomagnetic poles are erratically and rapidly wandering.

— levels of cosmic radiation striking Earth are higher than ever recorded (weaker EMF = higher exposure to solar, interstellar and galactic radiation)

— terrestrial operating systems are rapidly unraveling / collapsing, triggering diverse back-to-back catastrophic weather events events

— mass extinction is in a runaway trajectory: 60% of vertebrae species, 81% of freshwater fish, 40% of the global insect population (76% in some regions) and 90% of ocean biomass have extincted just since 1970 and accelerating

— Human sperm viability has declined by over 50% since 1950 in Northern and Southern zones. The Neanderthal species also experienced a very fast reproductive decline that quickly led to extinction, hypothesized to have been an effect of radiation exposure as the EMF unraveled during the excursion that wiped them out.

-– average IQ and cognitive ability is plummeting, dementia rates are soaring (it is now the 5th leading cause of death), cancer rates are projected to increase by 70 percent over the next 20 years (IARC 2014) — these are all consistent with the known effects of radiation exposure

Since then there have been a very long líst of similar though lesser events that have terrorized the collective human biological organism repeatedly and that has repeatedly threatened its existence.

Humans have recklessly, irresponsibly, immorally and significantly contributed to the wrecking of the planet but this isn't the whole story. Not even close. There is no solid ground to be found here in Earth. There never has been and there never will be. Earth is not a safe place to live. Why nearly the entire modern human herd, the most captured and conditioned animal here in Earth believes it is, is a very interesting question, isn’t it? I can provide recent peer-reviewed research / data if you’re interested.




Author of No Solid Ground: Renewable Contentment and Sustainable Happiness in an Age of Uncertainty.

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Jeffrey Joe Miller, MA — Clinical Psychology

Jeffrey Joe Miller, MA — Clinical Psychology

Author of No Solid Ground: Renewable Contentment and Sustainable Happiness in an Age of Uncertainty.

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