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Me: It has hit, we are spang in it and it is near peak.

Peter: I wouldn’t characterize it as truly having hit.

Me: When will you? Maybe when it directly affects you in North Carolina? It will and soon.


Perhaps we should take a close look at this cataclysm before proceeding:

Research over the past four decades has clearly revealed an approx 13k year periodicity of rapid relatively short-term geomagnetic excursions (complete reversals) during which the strength of the terrestrial electromagnetic field (EMF) plummets (commonly to within 0–20% of normal), terrestrial operating systems radically disorder, extreme / converging vulcanism and glaciation occur and the extinction rate soars:

72,000–75,000 years ago: Gaotai excursion (with a super-volcanic explosion and a near-extinction reduction in human population)

58,000–62,000 years ago: Vostok excursion. No data.

41,000–45,000 years ago: Laschamp excursion (95–100% decline of geomagnetic strength, with the largest volcanic explosion during the past 100k years, peaking in glacier maximum, and mass extinction (including the Neanderthal iteration of ‘human’)

32,000–35,000 years ago: Mono Lake excursion (with a super-volcano explosion)

24,000–26,000 years ago: Lake Mungo excursion (with a super-volcano explosion and glacial maximum)

12,000–13,000 years ago: Gothenberg excursion (with massive global vulcanism, soaring temperatures, 20% of Earth’s surface conflagrated, 72% of large mammal species go extinct).

The most recent excursion event occurred approx 13k years ago. We’re spang in the zone for either a full reversal or a short term ‘excursion’ reversal and there is plenty of reason to think that it is already here and fast ramping toward peak:

- the strength of the terrestrial electromagnetic field has recently / rapidly dropped by nearly 20%.

- The geomagnetic poles are rapidly / erratically wandering hundreds of miles (recently, to adjust for this movement, the runways at Tampa Airport in Florida and Stansted Airport near London had to be renumbered because of the wandering).

- cosmic radiation (interstellar, galactic and solar), which is deadly to life and consciousness, is blasting Earth at a rate that is significantly higher than ever recorded (weaker geomagnetic field = higher exposure to solar, interstellar and galactic radiation) while dementia rates are soaring (now fifth leading cause of death), average IQ scores are plummeting (7 points since 1970), cognitive ability is rapidly declining, and cancer rates are projected to increase by 70 percent over the next 20 years (IARC 2014). Dementia, cognitive degradation and cancer are all known responses to radiation exposure.

– Global temps have risen nearly 2 degrees. At 3–4 degrees, projected for mid/late century, a phenomenon known as ‘hothouse climate syndrome’ is projected: a rapid swirling increase in temperate in the 8–20 degree range with an exponential increase in catastrophic weather events and mass extinction.

In Siberia last week the temp reached 118 degrees above the Arctic Circle. A couple weeks ago 107 people died in Oregon because of heat exhaustion. A town in Canada was entirely fried away recently, reminding of two California towns that were burned to the ground within the past two years. A billion tidal organisms just got cooked to death in British Columbia last week. Automobiles were melting in Saudi Arabia a few days ago. Conflagration rages around the globe. Water reservoirs and rivers and glaciers and icecaps that provide water to billions are fast drying up and water wars are being fought in the courts around the world. Fierce and deadly ‘heat bulb’ events are rapidly increasing in frequency and intensity. India and Bangladesh recently struggled with temps in the high 120s and high humidity. Entire regions of the globe are, or very soon will be, literally unlivable (maybe even North Carolina).

– mass extinction is in a runaway trajectory: 60% of vertebrae species, 81% of freshwater fish, 40% of the global insect population (76% in some regions), over 50% of birds, and 90% of ocean biomass have extincted just since 1970 and accelerating.

– Human sperm viability has declined by over 50% since 1950 in Northern and Southern zones. The Neanderthal species also experienced a very fast reproductive decline that quickly led to extinction, hypothesized to have been an effect of radiation exposure and catastrophic climate as the geomagnetic field unraveled during the geomagnetic excursion that wiped them out 42k years ago.

Millions of people are being displaced (catastrophic weather events, fire, drought, famine) and the number is projected to increase to two billion throughout just the next 80 years.

J.M. Harwood and S.C.R. Malin (published in Nature (Nature.com), stated that a geomagnetic reversal is due around 2030 (other research suggests sometime during this century) which lands directly within a long-suspected cycle of the rise to paradise and fall of civilization in approx. 13,000 year cycles. As the strength of geomagnetic polarity collapses to 0–20% of normal, in turn collapsing the terrestrial EMF, the EMFs of biological lifeforms also disorder and collapse, causing the extinction of 90–95% of all species, and we will then perhaps / likely be the next iteration of the human species to go extinct.

Humans have made a dangerous and deadly mess here in Earth for a few hundred years but this isn’t the whole story. Pathologically alienated human recklessness / ignorance / immorality / self-absorption, combined with an fast emerging geomagnetic excursion (driven by planetary precession interacting with Earth’s internal geomagnetic dynamo), is. We are once again at the end of time before time renews itself. If this excursion plays out to the degree that the previous six excursions have, and there’s no reason to think it won’t, then we’re toast, but all things come to an end, even world eras. This is what our ancestors tried to get us to acutely remember, to understand, accept and let guide our intentions and actions.


Peter: As I see it, getting hit with a cataclysm as I define it is not going to be something people can debate.

Me: I don’t know how you define ‘cataclysm‘ but not all terrestrial cataclysms go bang! Some creep along, barely noticeable until near the end. By zooming out in time, we see that this cataclysm started pounding Earth in the mid to late 1800s, that we are spang in it and that it is near peak.

Stir in the fact that Earth, beginning around 2000, moved into a dangerous 400 year orbital zone that contains enormous dense clouds of comet debris that contain many extremely large chunks that can effortlessly wipe out this civilization in a blink of an eye. Maybe even tomorrow …


Peter: … it felt like Armageddon had arrived with fires burning up the countryside, unrelenting drought year after year, and no relief in sight. The planet is in deep peril, humanity is divided and in my estimation close to being trapped in a neofeudal, technotopic surveillance state, possibly for centuries. The danger is very real, and the biosohere is circling in a death spiral we may never get out of.

Me: but the cataclysm hasn’t hit yet? 🙂


Peter: as I think along with some human assistance, we can reverse much of the damage and set a new course of healing and reconciliation with the Earth, and one another.

Me: What’s the plan? No detailed workable plan, then just more feel-good self-affirming chatter and useless ‘hope’ (see below).


Peter: But hopelessness is not only not an option, it is in my estimation too early.

Me: I don’t hang out in the self-absorbed playground at the intersection of ‘hope’ and ‘hopelessness’ — ‘hope’ has no more value than ‘hopelessness’ — they are both just dissociative stories in the head that are rooted in habitual abstraction and emotional craving.


Peter: Re: “Maybe ten (U.S.) Presidents ago (who were all extensively briefed by the Defense Department regarding what is now rapidly bearing down and how dangerous it is) but we’ve run out of time and our karmic debt is monstrous. The cataclysm isn’t avoidable because it is already here and rapidly ramping.”

Rapidly ramping yes, and the first waves are doubtlessly upon us. But it’s still too early to accept defeat (which as mentioned above, some of us will never do).

Me: First “hopelessness” and now “defeat”. You do realize that I didn’t suggest or imply either and that these are entirely your emotional projections, right?


Peter: Re: “When we understand this, then mitigation efforts sensibly give way to adaptation efforts.”

There’s value to this idea of adaptation. Which is why my notion of Biotheism could serve either role. But mitigation always should be something we continue to attempt as this can is directly related to our adaptation. As I often say, the best solutions rarely are not an either this or that proposition, but this *and* that approach.

Me: what I said was: “mitigation sensibly gives way to adaptation”. The key word in this sentence is “sensibly” … and sensibly implies a careful as-needed transition.


I feel you are accepting the worst case scenario when things can absolutely get worse.

Me: Your feelies are your feelies but kindly don’t project them onto me. When we add up the death toll so far, and when we factor in all active current risk, and when we acknowledge that this cataclysm isn’t unprecedented (far from it) and that our ancestors, all around the globe, were deeply familiar with its periodicity, then we can call a spade a spade. We are spang and deeply in a recurring cataclysm (that we significantly contributed to), that is going to take down this rickety and immoral civilization and that may very well annihilate the perpetually broken human animal.

This is neither ‘best’ or ‘worst’ case. Geomagnetic excursions do what they do from beginning to end, whether we project a very human ‘best’ or ‘worst’ onto them. They just are.


Peter: At some point we need to stop the worsening, or our effective adaptations will soon be outdated.

Me: Of course our adaptations will become outdated because circumstances literally change in every single moment and ongoing, but we can update and refine them to match current circumstances as they change, and an ongoing adaptation to circumstances will effectively shut down pathological alienated habits that destroy life. Our adaptive vision and adaptive intentions / actions will, if we still exist, eventually eliminate the need to mitigate the effects of our madness because we will no longer be mad. Adaptation is sanity.


Peter: Re: “IMO, the problem we face is the result of a received pandemic pathological alienation from actuality and place, to the degree of literal psychosis, that is now pandemic in the collective human animal.”

Accepted to a degree, but is it permanent? I think we must search for a cure.

Me: IMO, it is partly a debilitating mutation and partly a strategic received conditioning. It can be managed by way of mind / body practices, the conscious dismantling of the pernicious meme of ‘self-existence’ and a sturdy mnemotechnical tradition that is rooted in the patterns and processes of the metaenvironment (Earth / Sky / Space continuum) that the human animal evolved within, is at the endless effect of, innately embedded in and utterly dependent on for sustenance and survival.

We don’t need to reinvent this “cure”. Our brilliant ancestors did this and the modern human animal rejected and forgot it, but the cure still exists for those who listen to what they left us as they intended it to be heard, instead of arrogantly mystifying, mythifying, religionizing, spiritualizing, personalizing and neuroticizing ancient knowledge and wisdom.


Peter: That is a very pessimistic view of our human potential, and while I can sympathize with the characterization I think it is informed by much cynical hyperbole.

Me: First “hopelessness”, then “defeat” and now “pessimistic” , “cynical” and hyperbolic … which are all your emotionally reactive projections onto a view you just don’t like.


Peter: I share a lot of that cynicism, but believe faith in humanity is one of the good faiths, which can influence self fulfilling prophecy just as lack of faith in humanity can achieve the opposite.

I don’t play in the hallucination of “faith” which is just bright red reifying lipstick on the pig of ‘hope’. Hope is a story of dissatisfaction and craving. Of pushing away and grabbing at. Faith is a clung-to story / reassurance that what we crave is what will be. Belief is the fortress that we defend faith with. Faith is magical thinking and an obscuration to perceptual clarity. Faith in one hand and shit in the other and all you’ve got is a handful of stinky shit.


Peter: Re: “We’re all about post-collapse survival now. That’s ok, because that’s how things really do work here in this tiny vulnerable volatile clump of unstable space debris. It’s the way of personal existence and the whole of existence, we are spang in the collapse zone again and as a culture we are crazy, unprepared, consumed by mountains of cherished fictions and buried in toxic hubris. “

Again, I appreciate the well earned cynicism, but much here is about framing not objective fact, and my framing of the situation in which we find ourselves is dire, but not hopeless.

Me: Ah, so in addition to hopeless, defeated, pessimistic, cynical and hyperbolic, I’m also not ‘objective’? :) That’s quite a projection festival you have going on there.

There is nothing “hopeless”, “defeated”, “cynical” or “pessimistic” about acknowledging how where we exist actually works. What should we label an impulse to regard an acknowledgment of how Earth actually works as “hopeless”, “defeated”, cynicism” and “pessimism”?

My framing is biased by peer-reviewed science and our ancestors’ highly-sophisticated, not ‘religious’ not ‘spiritual’, mnemotechnical traditions (science, history, advanced astro-mathematics combined with corresponding moral / social codes) that date back into the mists of time. What is your framing biased by?


Peter: Re: “Heaps rise up, heaps fall down. It’s time for the human animal to get over itself, come back to Earth, attend and tend a dying civilization.”

No argument there, but I still hold that pre-cataclysm/post-cataclysm, we still will as a species need to make universal a sense of reverence towards the Earth that rivals the reverence we gave to disembodied patriarchal entities in the last 2–3 millennia.

Me: ‘Reverence’ is indulgence purposed to give ourselves a tingly feel-good. It is just another perceptual obscuration, just like hope, hopelessness, faith, and a long list of other habitual emotional excretions that cloud vision. Why should we make this volatile unstable clump of space debris all about the illusory “me” and it’s endlessly hungry emotions?

How about just cultivating a clear and accurate memory / sense of what we actually are, where we actually are and what has actually happened in the past, in a context of what is actually happening right now and what will inevitably happen? Just as they nakedly are without preferential embellishment? Without cherished and deliciously scrumptious storification. Without unconsciously being dragged around by feelies?

How about we refine perception and cultivate discipline, restraint, clarity, compassion and a sense of duty?


Peter: re: “How consciously and skillfully we do this (or don’t) will determine whether the last iteration of the human species goes the way of the most recent nine previous iterations of ‘human’ that extincted during just the past 300k year, leaving just us here at the end of time before time renews itself.”

Agreed. And that is entirely what I espouse: the conscious and intention building of lasting human institutions that enshrine raised consciousness and stewardship of each other and the biosphere we depend upon for everything.

Me: All systems of institutionalized thought and belief are collapsing in this dark time as everything falls apart again, as all things must. Attempting to mitigate and control this systemwide collapse is trying to push a tsunami against its path. It is time to let them go and to cease rushing to prop them up to avoid acknowledging their death.

It is time to let go of the arrogant Christian delusion that we are the stewards of the biosphere and instead submit to it, learn from it, adapt to it and learn to steward the out-of-control, insane, badly damaged human species so that it stops slaughtering life and so that it might, might, might avoid extinction this century.

No more “human institutions” of faith and belief. The nature of existence is change. Responses to change can’t be sustainably institutionalized, faith’d or belief’d. The human preference for institutionalized belief (which is what you want) is a core cause of the pathological alienation that led us to the edge of a crumbling cliff.


Peter: Re: “Related to the OP: in addiction recovery there is the idea that hitting rock bottom (collapse) can trigger the awareness and circumstances needed to wake up to actuality and avoid death. Collapse cuts through perceptual confusion. Civilization collapse is potentially a big wake up call that might change modern people’s’ minds sufficiently to prevent the extinction of the human species.”

Agreed. And this civilization as it stands must fundamentally change in many ways. But that collapse would be better achieved as a controlled demolition than one which happens while we are still in the building oblivious to its commencement.

Me: I’d like to think that the human animal will devote itself to cleaning up its mess before it runs out of life but that’s not going to happen and I’m not that naive. How do we fix tons of stored / leaking nuclear waste that has a deadly shelf life of 250k — 500k years when it is highly unlikely that we’ll be around even a hundred years? How do we fix a couple hundred years of dumping countless tons of industrial waste, pesticides and pharmaceuticals into soil, water, air, food, DNA?

Civilization exists at the consent of exoterrestrial patterns and processes. Every civilization ever to appear under the Sun here in Earth was broken by the Earth / Sky / Space continuum. Humans like to pretend they are in charge and have control of civilization. We like to think that we entirely caused this mess because that makes us think we can fix it, eazy peazy. That good ol’ ‘can do’ spirit.

We aren’t. We don’t. We didn’t. We can’t.

Comprehending and accepting this is an enormous opportunity for the human animal to return to sanity, recognize the place and nature of personal existence within the exceedingly dynamic nature of the whole of existence and consciously adapt the species so that it lives consistent with how all life, this personal existence and the entirety of existence actually operates:

Generation, Expansion, Degeneration, Dissolution, Dormancy … and repeat.

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Late Summer, Winter … and repeat.

Birth, Aging, Sickness, Dying, Death … and repeat.

No woo woo.


It’s here (Dissolution / Autumn / Dying). It’s ramping. Life is rapidly saying goodbye at the end of time before time renews itself. Whether the human animal survives this cataclysm is an open question in this age of uncertainty and the odds aren’t looking good and have never been in the human animal’s favor.

Your (and everyone’s) thoughts welcome …

Author of No Solid Ground: Renewable Contentment and Sustainable Happiness in an Age of Uncertainty.