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Me: It has hit, we are spang in it and it is near peak.

Peter: I wouldn’t characterize it as truly having hit.

Me: When will you? Maybe when it directly affects you in North Carolina? It will and soon.


Perhaps we should take a close look at this cataclysm before proceeding:

Research over the past four decades has clearly revealed an approx 13k year periodicity of rapid relatively short-term geomagnetic excursions (complete reversals) during which the strength of the terrestrial electromagnetic field (EMF) plummets (commonly to within…

“I swear Earth shall surely be complete to him or her who shall be complete, The Earth remains jagged and broken only to him or her who remains jagged and broken.”

— WALT WHITMAN, A Song of the Rolling Earth

Step Five: Revolve

Summer in the terrestrial sphere is the gentle euphoria that follows the peak of an inhalation. It’s the intimate and ultimate union of above and below that triumphs in expansiveness and receptiveness. It’s the rich and colorful display of peak existence. The sun is brilliant. The skies are blue and spacious. The natural world experiences warmth and expresses light. Trees…

Chapter 3 — The Star Watchers

“A very small ivory plate excavated in the cave of Geißenklösterle, Germany, shows a manlike being … the research work establishes the hypotheses that the anthropoid represents Orion at the vernal equinox ca 30,000 BC, related to the heliacal rising and setting of Betelgeuse.”

— MICHAEL A. RAPPENGLUCK, President of the European Society for Astronomy in Culture

“Night, when words fade and things come alive. When the destructive analysis of day is done, and all that is truly important becomes whole and sound again. …

Hamlet’s Mill, subtitled An Essay Investigating the Origins of Human Knowledge and Its Transmission Through Myth, is a vast work of comparative mythology, similar in scope and impact to the writings of Joseph Campbell. Giorgio de Santillana, a professor of the history of science at MIT, teamed up with researcher Hertha von Dechend, who had worked in West Africa and Polynesia, to write the book. It has had an inordinate impact on the studies of ancient writings, and particularly on the relevance of myth to understanding history and ethnographic studies.

The contention of de Santillana and von Dechend is that…

Despite the rather sensational title (and the clunky subtitle: The World Is Not as You Thought It Was), Civilization One is one of the most profound and intensively researched books about ancient cultures to come out in the last decade. Christopher Knight, a best-selling author, teamed up with Alan Butler, a trained engineer and specialist in ancient astronomy, to put together in readable form the information and material spawned by the investigations of Alexander Thom in the 1930s through the 1970s.

Thom, a Scottish engineer, became interested in the megalithic-era stone circles and monoliths that pepper Great Britain. As an…

In the past half century, a number of books have come out that use archeology and mythology to attempt to decipher what occurred on Earth in the prehistoric era (before 3500 BCE). One of the most notable of these is Cataclysm!: Compelling Evidence of a Cosmic Catastrophe in 9500 B.C. The authors, D. S. Allan and J. B. Delair, are a historian and geologist, respectively. They are based in Britain, but the book ranges across the globe, weaving together many disparate threads.

Cultures on every habitable continent recount stories of a great calamity that occurred in the distant past. The…

As archeologists delve further into Mayan ruins, they have uncovered increasing evidence that the Mayans were aware of the pressure their civilization was placing on the region’s limited water resources. New evidence shows that the Mayans had a highly developed system of water management, on par with that in Europe until fairly recent times, and much more advanced than that in many developing countries today.

Two researchers from Penn State University, one an archeologist, the other a hydrologist, have been working in the ancient Mayan city in present-day Palenque, Mexico. They have uncovered evidence of the first pressurized water system…

Brazil currently has one of the most vibrant economies in the world. As well as the obvious benefit to Brazilian society, this has had some detrimental effects: the Amazon rainforest is steadily being cleared by encroaching populations and the hunger for wood and land. However, the cleared land has revealed something unusual: etched into the earth in some parts of the Amazon basin are massive lines and embankments. These have baffled researchers who had previously considered the Amazon basin to be a pristine, untouched landscape. …

Occasionally one comes across a book that is clearly a labor of love: it combines passionate writing with careful research and exquisite layout. Mary Settegast’s Plato Prehistorian is one of these books. First published in 1986, the book has stealthily worked its way into the consciousness of historians and archeologists, and is now highly regarded as a trailblazing work that manages to cross-pollinate fields without raising hackles.

The book has tremendous scope, ranging widely in time and space. It is an attempt to peer into the deep past, beyond the Mesopotamians, Greeks, and Egyptians, about whom we know so much…

James Lovelock is a true maverick. Throughout a long career in science, he has stubbornly refused to be confined, and has sometimes shifted his thinking radically, to the chagrin of his colleagues.

Lovelock was born into a lower-class family who lacked the means to send him to university. He was finally able to scrounge the money to pay for a couple years at Manchester University, where he excelled, and eventually got his doctorate from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

While working with NASA in the 1960s, Lovelock was intrigued by the differences between the atmospheres of Mars…

Jeffrey Joe Miller, MA — Clinical Psychology

Author of No Solid Ground: Renewable Contentment and Sustainable Happiness in an Age of Uncertainty.

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